Exit Plan Symposium

Exit Plan Symposium

Saturday, July 18, 2020 – 9 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. EDT

The First Baptist Church of Glenarden’s Exit Plan Symposium is back to help ensure that you and your family are prepared for every season. This year’s virtual platform gives you access to general sessions and workshops on topics such as wills, insurance, finances, funeral planning and how funeral homes and cemeteries are operating during the Covid-19 pandemic. Whether you are a senior citizen or a young adult, now is a good time to prepare for your future.



Getting My House in Order
Speaker: Rhonda D. Green, Funeral Services Manager, FBCG

End of life planning can be a sensitive topic; however, families are often not prepared when death occurs. In this session, we will talk about what is needed to complete an exit plan so that your family will not have to endure the stress of making last minute decisions.


Mary Jones 


Probate and Estate Matters
Speaker: The Honorable Cereta A. Lee, Register of Wills, Prince George’s County

This session will help participants understand the process of opening an estate in Maryland and the importance of having a will.


Dr. Joseph E. Jones 


Prepared to Thrive With Estate Planning
Speaker: Shakisha Morgan, Esq., Estate Planning Attorney, The Griffin Firm, PLLC 

Passing or becoming incapacitated without estate planning documents means leaving your grieving loved ones to make difficult decisions while burdened by laws that don’t consider your values, goals and family makeup. In this session, Attorney Shakisha Morgan will explain how to provide direction and comfort to your loved ones with powers of attorneys, wills and trusts. Live your best life now AND empower your family and community with your legacy.


Trina M. McIntosh


Life Insurance: Don’t Live (or Die) Without It 
Speaker: Ernest Burley Jr., CEO, Burley Insurance & Financial Services

This session will go into detail on the key factors to consider when choosing life insurance protection for you and your family – The A, B, C’s of Life Insurance. We will also touch on some important traps to watch out for, in addition to some advantageous policy features you may want to consider.


Reverend Stephen Hurd


Making Final Arrangements
Speaker: Tuawana Braxton Pridgen, Licensed Director and Owner, Pridgen Funeral Home, PA

This session will help participants understand why and how to plan a funeral, even in the midst of a pandemic.

Your Final Resting Place
Speaker: Lisa D. Sloane, Market Director for MD/DC, Dignity Memorials (Harmony Cemetery)

This session will provide you with a starting point to assist you with taking the first step. Planning ahead with a professional is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give your family.

A Veteran’s Final Resting Place
Speaker: Dimitra Johnson, Superintendent, Cheltenham Veterans Cemetery

This session will help participants understand the process and policies for veteran burials in the state of Maryland. Please note: processes may vary from state to state.


Applying for Social Security Survivor Benefits
Speaker: Diana Varela, Public Affairs Specialist, Social Security Administration

The loss of the family wage earner can be devastating both emotionally and financially. Social Security helps by providing income for the families of workers who die. This workshop will provide you with an overview of Social Security survivors benefits paid to the spouses and children of workers who die.

Applying for Government Survivor Benefits
Speaker: James “Al” Reeves, CEO, Federal Benefits Experts

This presentation will provide survivor benefits options for federal employees, both active and retired, under the Civil Service Retirement Systems as well the Federal Employee Retirement System.


Speaker: Rhonda D. Green