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First Baptist Church of Glenarden

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This virtual symposium features panels of end-of-life planners who will share information about how to prepare and carry out end-of-life arrangements so that your loved ones don’t have to shoulder the burden of difficult decisions. All sessions can be viewed directly on this page. 




What is an Exit Plan?

Rhonda Green, FBCG Funeral Services Manager
Author and Founder of “My Exit Plan

Learn why it is important to have your affairs in order.

Getting Your Legal Affairs in Order

Shakisha A. Morgan, Esq., The Morgan Firm, PLLC

Learn how to get your legal affairs in order; what legal documents you need to have; your rights as a spouse or adult child; what happens if your spouse dies without a will, and learn the difference between a will and a trust.

Governmental Benefits

Rhonda Green, Moderator

Know what benefits you’re eligible for and how to apply.

Young Adults: Having An Exit Plan

Jimmy Jenkins, Chairman, Goldstreet, LLC

Understand why young adults need to have a plan.

International Affairs

Reverend Belynda Gentry, Moderator

Learn the difference between making arrangements in the United States versus other countries.

Financial Affairs

Reverend Cynthia Terry, Moderator

Learn the difference between term and permanent life insurance policies.  Know the responsibilities of selling a house from an estate.  Learn the ins and outs of setting up an estate with the Register of Wills.  Learn how to open an estate account.

Funeral Home Disposition and Understanding the Burial Process

Rhonda Green, Moderator

Understand the various types of funeral home dispositions, such as a burial vs. cremation vs. donating your body to science. Learn how to pre-plan for military burials vs. traditional burials.

Medical Affairs

Deacon Lou Holder, Moderator

Learn how to deal with grief and learn the various stages of grief when death occurs. Understand why you need to preplan from a medical perspective.

Exit Plan Roundtable

Rhonda Green, Moderator

A discussion on taking the next steps.


Christopher Maxwell Sr. 

Katia Simpson

The Jones Family

Olaolu Adewole

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